Coming Soon:

Submission of subjects, Story Projects under development: LuLu featured as Actor,

also consider use of Mandarin language for Chinese markets and with the culture in mind for proper story


Short Film Objective ( to give serious attention to her acting abilities )  see her video and show case reel

for example Subject  matters:  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1. Chinese girl learning/making it " Hollywood style   TOP-model coming to America story"   .........                                                         Her love of China and family responsibilities in conflict with the Drama of her desires and adventures to be a "Hollywood star "           from living to making money to social settings ....making it from student to adult ....Becoming a successful woman while handling the Chinese life  back home and her desire to use " Hollywood success to help children " Jackie Chan " style.

2. Title" who knows Jackie Chan "her  efforts to reach and get to the famed Chinese actor " Jackie Chan "                                              the plot line benefits both their children's charity interest including famous actors, business , notable as Cameo.

Dramatic Subjects

from romance to serious

TV FORMATS FROM traditional broadcasting to New Media (IPTV)

Music Segments,

Aqua Auditions, Karaoke, Music Video, Romantic 


Childrens Shows

Children's segments with singing and teaching between English and Mandarin

Comedy sketches


Commercial TV

Specific Stories for product/services " International Spokes Model "